Hello all, my name is Dave and I live in Howell Michigan. I started this blog, and a few websites, dedicated to the sport I love above all other's; Fishing for the Big River Fish. I mainly fish out of the Big Manistee river in northern Michigan just outside of the small town of Wellston. My parents live in Wellston which is perfect for me because their house is about two miles from Tippy dam. If you have never heard of or been to Tippy dam than you haven't fished like we fish. Unfortunately, many other people have heard of Tippy dam which makes it very crowded and not a lot of fun to fish. Before I go any further, let me explain to you what the signifigence of the dam really is. Every year, spring and fall, the salmon or steel head make there way from lake Michigan inland on all possible waterways and travel upstream to find a good place to lay their eggs for the male's to fertilize. This is called spawning. To make a long story short, miles up the river from the opening at lake Michigan we have Tippy dam. This is as far upstream as the fish can go so it is a good place to fish but like I said it is very crowded. Now I am lucky to have a retired father who lives and breaths fishing because every time I can make the trip up there he has found a new hole to fish and he know exactly where the fish are. Needless to say we have a ball . To be honest I used to love hunting more than fishing and then about four years ago we started fly fishing exclusively. I will never go back to spinning rods, with the exception of course for when we are soley fishing for steal head. Fly fishing is the most fun I have ever had fishing and if you haven't tried it I highly recommend it. For more information on fishing for salmon, steal head, browns, rainbows or any other type of fish for that matter stop by my website at www.thebigriverfish.com-a.googlepages.com/home